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Who Are We?

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Tim & Lisa are teachers and therapists whose work is based on the values of awakening, liberation and overall "de-congestion" (of the mind, body & energy-body).  They have lived and worked in Phoenix, AZ since 2000 and have been happily committed to their work in the health and wellness field for almost 25 years where they have worked with and helped thousands of clients correct physical pain issues.  Their work and passion involves nutritional counseling, raw food education, supplement education & formulation, breath-work, meditation as well as a results oriented bodywork that they developed over the years with their company, Windhawk. 

The Universe led them down a path where they were called to downsize their therapy practice and take an opportunity to open a Home Furnishings store with a successful, long-standing and close friend...and Potato Barn Chandler was born.  


This side step allowed them to focus more intensely on their own transformational growth.  They were called very powerfully to KAP founder, Venant Wong’s work when they heard that it was a powerful way to clear energy blockages.  With well over a 20 year career in alternative healing modalities, including energy work, they understood the importance and need for clearing these blockages in order to achieve LASTING physical and emotional health.  After attending their first class, they felt intensely drawn to attend the next, and the next and were thrilled to be invited to become two of the first U.S. facilitators.  Initially, they thought it would be a great opportunity to work on each other and build a stronger, more connected relationship.  However, after going through the training, they felt very clear about WHY they were guided to this work.  They are called to share it with all of those who want to receive its powerful healing and transformational benefits.  

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